The Big Gesture

Ever since seeing the movie Chasing Liberty back in 2004 (okay, I also own it and have seen it several times since then and may or may not have cut my hair to look like Mandy Moore’s after seeing it the first time—big mistake!), I have longed for what she calls, “the big gesture.”  What is “the big gesture?” you ask.  Well, it is just what it sounds like it is.  Someone giving something up for you, showing you how much he appreciates you—how much he loves you.  I made the comment to my BFF that after the whole lice extravaganza and the cancellation of our weekend getaway sans kiddies to celebrate our anniversary, I was feeling in need of a “big gesture” from my sweetie.  I was burnt out.  I wasn’t hoping he would quit his job or anything crazy (like in the movie), but just some sort of thoughtful evening to show that he recognized how hard I had worked to make the kiddies lice-free.  A mini “big gesture,” perhaps.  Honestly, at the point I was in, I was just looking forward to RM and I having a quiet night alone, cuddling on the couch.  I think that would have done it!

RM surprised with me with much more than that.  I was waiting for him to get back into town last week, and he let me know that he was going to be arriving late that night and that he would need my help carrying items in from his car.  He called and said he was down the street so to go ahead and come out to meet him in the driveway.  I peeped my head out the front door and didn’t see him, so I continued to wait inside until I saw him pull in.  Afterall, it was midnight.

Minutes went by and he still hadn’t pulled into the driveway.  Then I saw someone cruise by on a Vespa.  It was dark, so I could hear it more than I could see it.  I thought to myself, I’ll have to tell RM that someone in the neighborhood has a Vespa.  Now, what you don’t know, dear readers, is that I have wanted a Vespa for as long as I can remember.  I think it stems from my punk rocker days and the MxPx song that says, “Take a ride on my Vespa… I’ll take you home… letting you know that you’re the bomb… and you blew up on me.”  Several months ago, I saw the most adorable red one at Pike’s Place market, and I haven’t stopped talking about it since.  That is until, RM showed up on my doorstep with this:


As BFF said, now THAT is a big gesture.  Apparently, RM was tallying how many times I mentioned Vespa a week (I swear I wasn’t dropping hints!  I didn’t dream he would ever do something like this. No, really!), and he started a “Vespa fund” for me.  He happened to come across a great deal, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Thanks, RM for the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received!



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