No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Well, life sans lice was nice, while it lasted.  On Friday, the morning after RM delivered my adorable, red Vespa, he checked my head—just for old time’s sake, of course.  It has been 48 hours since he last checked it, but I had been lice-free for several days prior to that.  Not expecting to see anything notable, we were shocked when he found new eggs.  Apparently, the time spent treating EW at her house caused a RE-infestation.

*Cue the tears.*

Here I am riding along to the WA state licensing office to buy new tags for the Vespa.  It was about to close, so I had no choice but to go there with the lice serum on my head.  No, that’s not sweat glistening on my neck.  Great look for me, right?

Wearing a helmet while Vespa-riding with lice?  No problemo.  I’ll just use this handy dandy shower cap.


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