A New “Friday Night”

New addition to our movie collection.
New addition to our movie collection.

You realize how much your life has changed when your idea of the perfect Friday evening includes a warm, home cooked meal, followed by cuddling and watching a family flick with the kiddies on the couch.  This was my experience last Friday night, and I had to laugh to myself about how far we’ve all come over this past year.

RM has emphasized to me the importance of “Friday Night” with the kiddies since Day One.  They have a tradition of sharing a nice meal together and then staying up late to watch a movie as a family.  While “Friday Night” usually happens on an actual Friday, that isn’t necessarily always the case.  If the kids are out of school, then “Friday Night” can happen any night of the week—it just means we’re having a nice meal, getting into our jammies, and watching a movie together.  You’re probably thinking, that sounds great.  What’s the problem?

Well, the part you probably don’t know is that RM and I live three hours away from each other.  I know; I just blew your mind with that fact.  We’re pseudo long distance.  It’s true.  We spent many Friday evenings, particularly early in our relationship, at his place, which meant I arrived after a three-hour drive and a long week at work.  Yes, I was ready to relax and watch a movie, but I was also craving some serious one-on-one time with my man after a week away from him.

While I’ve enjoyed “Friday Nights” with the kids, it took several months until any of the cuddles were directed my way—understandably so.  Most of the time, I found myself sitting on the other couch all by my lonesome, struggling to keep my eyes open long enough to outlast the kids.  On the opposite couch sat RM, showered with affection and cuddles from his three little ones.  After all, they hadn’t seen him all week either.  As wonderful as it was to see RM be such a good daddy, often those times felt incredibly lonely for me.

It takes time, I told myself.  It’s important for the kids to have time with their dad.  You’re an adult; buck up and wait your turn.  The kids will go to bed early tomorrow night, and that will come soon enough.

Months went by, and slowly but surely, #3 started cuddling with me in addition to—or sometimes instead of—her daddy.  I still remember the first time she snuggled up to me.  RM looked over at us with a big smile that matched the smile on my own face.  What a special night!

Last weekend, we had #2 and #3, while #1 had a special one-on-one weekend with her mom.   As RM, the kids, and I were about to sit down on the couch to watch We Bought a Zoo, RM’s son (#2) said to me, “Christina, can I cuddle you?”  If that doesn’t make you feel special, I don’t know what does.  Guess these “Friday Nights” aren’t so bad after all 😉


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