How I Survived a Tornado

RM and I had the kids this year for Thanksgiving, so we celebrated with RM’s family—including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc—and then on Friday RM headed to Great Wolf lodge with the kiddies.  I indulged in some Black Friday shopping and much needed girl talk with RM’s two sisters (love those ladies!) and then met up with RM and the kids on Saturday morning.

I had no idea what was awaiting my arrival at Great Wolf Lodge.  Two words:

Howling.  Tornado.

Who knew there was such a thing as a TERRIFYING waterslide?  –Especially one that used a group inner tube?  Those were supposed to be safe, right?  You know, like the ones where you’re cruising down the river in a tube chatting with a few of your closest friends.  Well dear readers, the howling tornado is not an easy float down the river, I’ll tell you that much.

RM’s sister and I were coaxed into going down the tornado as our first ride.  Why not get the scariest one out of the way first, right?  We had no idea what we were in for.  When the 6-story drop off came, all you could hear were our screams, or howls as they may have sounded like from the outside.  I closed my eyes at the drop off and didn’t see anything the rest of the way down.

I had to go on a second time to get a good look at the VORTEX that we were in:

When we asked the kids what their favorite memory of Thanksgiving break was this year, #2 replied, “hearing Christina’s screams on the howling tornado.”  I’m glad that was someone’s favorite part 😉


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