About Me

This me (Christina) just after moving to Seattle in 2012.

Five years ago, my biggest concerns were buying the latest pair of Tory Burch ballet flats, treating myself at the spa two-three times a month, and planning my next vacation with my other career-driven, single gal friends. That all changed when I decided to trade-in my fast-paced life in Washington, D.C. for a new life in the other Washington.

RM skipping rocks along the river, shortly after we met in 2012.

It was in Seattle where I met my now husband (who I’ll refer to as RM for “renaissance man”), who promised to teach me how to shoot bow and arrows, bake bread for me, woo me in four different languages, and serenade me with the Irish penny whistle–all while driving me off into the sunset in a 1973 military Land Rover. The catch, you ask?  He was divorced with three kids.

This is my story. A recovering, career-obsessed singleton learning the joys of marrying a man with children. And now, the joys of life as a Stay At Home Mom, Fit4Mom Instructor, and PR director for our family leather company.

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*All photos and text on this website are copyrighted and belong to me.  Any use without my permission is strictly prohibited.*


One thought on “About Me

  1. Bonjour Les amoureux,
    J’espere que vous allez bien.
    j’ai lu votre article sur mon business de Vespa. C’est très sympa. Jolies photos. De vrai parisiens 🙂
    A bientôt,

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