Not Your Typical Date Night

Over Thanksgiving break, I was beginning to sense that #1 was in desperate need of some daddy time.  Normally, on Saturday nights we put the kids to bed early and have quality couple time.  Nevertheless, I decided it was time to rein in my green monster and plan a date night for her and daddy.

I checked Fandango, and there was a 7:00 PM showing of The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire—the movie #1 has been dying to see.  It was already 6:30, but if they hurried, they could make it.  I knew if I didn’t act on this flash of generosity quickly, it would soon pass—afterall, it was Saturday night, and I was only two hours away from curling up with my sweetie on the couch sans kiddies.  Before I could get carried away with the images of adult conversation and cuddle time, I told RM my idea.  Within 15 minutes, RM and #1 were hurriedly running out the door, and I helped #1 put on her shoes as she thanked me profusely for the idea and for staying home with #2 and #3.

Then began my special night with #2 and #3.  We started by going to Dairy Queen in our jammies to get some blizzards, even though they had already eaten entirely way too many sweets the past several days.  This was our special night though, I thought.  What’s one tiny blizzard?  The fact that I was craving an M&M blizzard may or may not have been a huge factor in my decision.  After that, we enjoyed our blizzards on the floor in front of the t.v. watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  Dog Days.

It was a short night because the kids were exhausted, and #3 went to bed easily after the movie.  #2, despite being tired, was willing himself awake for Daddy to cuddle him when he got home.  I invited him to cuddle with me while I read my book in my room.  He lasted about two minutes before he was sound asleep under my right arm, while I tried to turn the pages of my novel with my remaining hand.  All in all, it was a wonderful—albeit atypical—date night.