Anything But a Trophy Wife

My friend K and I were having a conversation on Wednesday that went a little something like this:

K:  So there’s this new show on Hulu, and the tagline is something like, “From Party Girl to Insta-fam.”
Me:  Wait, what?  That sounds a little bit like my tagline.
K:  I know.
(Hence why she is telling me.)
K:  It’s called Trophy Wife.  I enjoyed it, although it felt a little wrong.  It was like they were stealing from you.

Well, that solved that.  RM and I needed to check this out.  Conveniently, we had some much-needed alone time this week, so it was easy to carve out some time to watch the pilot episode on Hulu.

I have to say, I was initially turned off by the title of the show, but the “trophy wife” character Kate, played by Malin Akerman (from Couples Retreat and 27 Dresses), is anything BUT a trophy wife.  Kate is loveable, down-to-earth, and just plain hysterical.  I genuinely enjoyed the episode, and it was nice to be able to watch a similar scenario to my own play out in a humorous way as a third-party.  What a relief to learn that I’m not the only one who has no idea what I’m doing.  I found myself laughing and thinking, I guess I have it easy.  Can anyone say TWO ex-wives?  Eek.

This little gem is going to have to be in the regular rotation this fall.  Catch it on Hulu until 17 September.  The pilot episode premiers on ABC on 24 September.