12 Days of Dinosaurs: Our Twist on Dinovember

Several weeks ago, an old friend of mine began posting hilarious photos of toy dinosaurs running a muck in her home.  I soon learned that she and her family were taking part in “Dinovember,” a new tradition two creative parents began on their blog (you can find their blog here) in which they spend the month of November convincing their children that their toy dinosaurs come to life.  RM and I admired several of my friend’s and the official Dinovember Facebook page’s photos of the crazy shenanigans the dinos were getting into, and we decided we needed to jump on the dino bandwagon.

Because we don’t have the kids consistently every night for a month straight, we’ve decided that we’re going to do the 12 Days of Dinosaurs and have our dinosaurs come to life every first weekend of each month.  That way, we can have dinosaur fun year-round.  Sounds like a win to me!

We’ve done it one weekend so far and here were the set-ups…

The dinos were craving some late night cereal.
The dinos were craving a late night bowl of cereal.
Curled up to watch a family favorite on the t.v.--Jurassic Park.
Curled up to watch a family favorite on the t.v.–Jurassic Park.

Although the kids are old enough to know that the dinos aren’t actually coming to life, they seem to be getting a kick out of the new tradition so far.  More pics to come!  If you have any unique ideas for our next dino set-up, feel free to leave them in the comments 🙂