A Hobo in my Bedroom and a Slug in my Drawers

A few weeks ago, I found a hobo hiding in my bedroom.   He was dirty, brown, and hiding in a pile of my clothes.  He was equally as shocked to see me as I was to see him.  How dare I disrupt his sleep?  My horror-film-esque scream was met with his eight furry legs fleeing the scene as quickly as possible.

That’s right.  EIGHT legs.  I’m talking about a Hobo Spider, a venomous spider native to the Pacific Northwest.  Since the first sighting, I have treated the indoor and outdoor perimeter of my house twice, but those huge buggers keep showing up.

Earlier this week, RM spotted one, and after 15 minutes on our hands and knees (that’s what she said), we smoked him out.  He was a goner.

The horror wasn’t over.  A few minutes later, RM opened the kitchen drawer to find a SLUG.  A flippin’ SLUG!  How in the world did he get there?  He had clearly been setting up camp in there for a while, as his slug goo was tracked all over my cookbooks.  Yuck.

Time to call the exterminator!

Here’s what we’re dealing with…

Now, this little sucker might not look huge.  But trust me, he was.  He’s just all smashed up here.  Google image “hobo spider,” if you’re brave.

I honestly thought this was fake dog poo, and RM was playing a joke on me. Then I saw it MOVING.  Yuck.

P.S. I considered calling this post “Christina and the Mystery of the Brown Slug.”  Can you tell I was a Nancy Drew fan growing up?  😉